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tv   Stossel  FOX News  January 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ship in england. she was raised in michigan. thank you for joining us, have a great week. i am kennedy. good night. >> this is not just cold blood a killer. >> if it isn't climate change said what is it? >> we need to act. >> all dramatic weather is our fault. >> tornadoes in oklahoma. >> arbon could cost as the planet. >> whether he is right about colewort being. >> who will win the war? we will search.
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tonight. >> i titled the program chill out because after i researched the global warming scare that was my conclusion. but the government isn't chilling out you make billions to fix global warming and this year the hill said climate will be the political battle of 2014. big money is spent to convince americans to stop dead in a moment we will hear from bill who is swearing about climate change the first let me set the terms people say you don't believe in global warming? i do it is a stupid question
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because what do you mean? is is really question is a global warming? yes. temperatures have risen but not lately is it manmade or our fall? is it three a crisis in the fed is can we do anything about it? bill nye answers are yes. yes. yes. yes. he has told dealers to be aware of global warming. >> the globe is getting too warm so we have to be careful otherwise things could get a weird. john: and bill nye joins us now along with sceptic mark, why a are you not scared civic we can now look at their predictions to see them fail at of one of its
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17 climate models 114 failed so when predictions are feeling it is worse than they thought but that is not the case the bottom line is the burden of proof is on them and they failed to make the case. >> 1750 there were 1 billion cubans in the world but now there are over 7 billion people it has more than doubled in my lifetime. these people trying to live the way we lived is filling the atmosphere with more carbon dioxide that existed a couple centuries ago. the speed it is gigi is troublesome for so many large populations. you rehab heard of the hockey stick graf where we compare the temperature of the world over the last 10,000 years compared to now.
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this issue tea cup. is the speed be will have difficulty dealing with. john: but it is not to.herry pie data for surface temperatures you end up with a small change hardly usable. people trying to introduce the idea that scientific uncertainty is the equivalent of doubt of the whole thing is perfectly analogous to the cigarette industry and cancer. >> but as a consumer reporter i have covered 1,000 is scarce, lawn chemicals, the pesticide, a plastic bottles, the power
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lines, the mad cow david they had doubters about cigarettes that does not mean global warming is correct. >> for him to bring up cigarettes the scientists are filling the narrative. point of the lead scientist to it the endowment from barbra streisand to send --. john: i will take her money. >> it is insulting to imply it is like tobacco. is the height of arrogance when you look at the actual data through government ruled south koreans foundations to have a full of vintage the foundation of the university bendy there isn't a comparison we have scientists who has reversed himself.
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john: many are genuinely worried. >> many of from the united nations but they just cave wall last year to say their mission is to make the case carbon dioxide to drive this global warming but many scientists have turned. swedish scientists said we would not even have noticed if not for modern instrumentation. the hockey stick is absurd it is statistical rubbish and hundreds of scientists have shown the roman warming period whereas warm or were immerse their current temperatures. >> if we can agree there used to be 1 billion people a couple centuries ago and now there are 7 billion. john: but the air is cleaner in people living better if
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he were people are starving because of capitalism. >> do we agree the atmosphere used to have 250 parts per million now it is 400? >> we had i stayed at 2,000 or 8,000 we also had two times the levels. john: over time we have a graph from the medieval warm period, the ice change -- the ice age. >> you have messed with the right hand side of that craft. >> do you agree and has never happened this fast? >> we had similar lovell's in the past without mankind influence. it comes down to hundreds of factors. co2 is not the tail that wags the dog also from
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georgia institute of technology says you cannot control whether by reducing emissions that seems to be the entire premise of the united nations that if we tweet commissions we can alter weather patterns barbara boxer actually went down to the floor and applied a carbon tax thinking you would help to prevent tornadoes it is witchcraft. john: deceives every time is tuesday extreme the cause is man-made global warming. >> tomorrow they will face below normal temperatures of this is not global change then what is it? >> in one year we had the largest tornado ever recorded and the fastest hurricane and within six months. >> terrible tornadoes, occur bid could cause this. john: that was the very day
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of the oklahoma led tornado. that will cost us the planet? >> the planet will be here spinet the idiots that the united states or the developing world should limit energy choices based on rising co2 fears is baseless. the geologically record bears that out you can't go from a historic low. >> the oklahoma attorney know was the biggest ever. >> the lowest year on record for tornadoes. john: i am stuck research how there was media hysteric causing world were to is scientists agree the world
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is becoming colder and they worry about a new ice age. shouldn't we be skeptical? >> but science tollways of finance. this is the narrative of our day. to talk about over population people now recognize is under population in the developing world starts to develop the population will lawful off. >> you cannot disagree about the fax. the problem isn't just there are more people but they are using more energy. we live in the developed world. >> jerry brown said thhy could not emulate the
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lifestyle but who was going to tell the people of color they cannot have what we have? who is bill nye to tell them they cannot have carr been based energy? >> we don't want them to have less to do more with less and that is where innovation comes in with the emerging technology to embrace technology that has extra greenhouse gases at this point in human history it is not in our best interest. john: just one more video the idea that politicians can fix the climate strikes me as arrogant in we heard that from our president and hillary clinton. >> this is the moment when the plant began to heal. john: isn't this the conceits of the self-appointed they will fix
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the climate? >> when politicians claim they will fix potholes. john: they can do that. >> when they say they times the traffic lights or when they say they will clean up fellow border. john: no. >> those things have to been done. the same thing as on a larger scale. john: in thank you. keep the conversation going use the #show about. the search for al gore. will we find him? >> politicians pretend to stop global warming that is how i got a free golf cart.
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>> we invested in new american technology to redo's dependence on foreign oil in today we generate more renewable energy and effort.
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john: yes we do. it is still a tiny amount combined now is less than 4% of total energy and they are expensive because they get billions in subsidies from view. i think they are asking about the president says we have to do this to stop global warming and most agree. we have the president of the worldwatch institute. we need the subsidies? >> there may be better ways what obama is doing with the politics if we cannot tax carbon in the aryan not sure why to take off of the green subsidies to see fewer but there is more reason to strip them when they belong some of the other places with fossil fuels and nuclear energy. john: i it agreed.
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i think they are so much bigger if you look at natural gas or coal less than 1 penny but wind is 100 times. >> that makes all the sense because what is in richer because any new technology will need help to become profitable. the real question you should ask is why are there subsidies for coal, natural gas and fossil fuels? john: i agree. get rid of all of them but for the new area and has been 20 years when is it no
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longer baby steps? >> 100 years? >> as long as we don't tax carbon they will need help because they have a vintages i hope it is not a necessary for 10 years but it is said. >> what about wasted money on the use and i got a free golf cart ride there is so much of a tax credit the court was free. >> these are illustrative of nothing in particular. as a one-year program because of stimulus the government was looking for a win-win situation somebody had a idea to encourage golf carts to see if it is a
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larger rhode of transportation. john: so is electric vehicles to electric power is not so clean. >> not now overwhelmingly although wood has been clear with the huge to on dash usual development of high a rolex or fracking technology and other government the government invested and we get the benefits right now to have cheap gas. john: the government may have invested in the fracking technology but not until 30 years later industry on its own in spite of government created the wonderful natural gas. >> i don't think it has been on their own but because of the early investments. john: you are ahead of america of? >> europe is encourage
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renewable energy. john: that germany is now cutting back to reduce alternative energy subsidies she has to tame the cost explosion is the project of her next government they found it hurt poor people. >> battle think it is a central project but if there is is a trade-off of costs that is the real issue. it is hire economically to justify the cost with political ramifications. question for long-term availability. john: it is wonderful and clean when the market makes it work we will have it but we have to wait for the technology the free market will make that happen by government force makes that
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worse. >> cattle the the free market does. we have tremendous improvement of pollution control but not because industry on its own said would nippy could if we spent money on the smokestacks? >> we need pollution but if you feat of the impacts the long term health is. john: faq robert. up next book death this. it is gross and cold and the recent increase in cafeteria prices is not cool. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts.
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john: what powers your tv? where does electricity come from? wind, solar power? not likely mayor cut nearly gets it from nuclear power, a natural-gas and coal. 86% of power cummins from those three sources of energy and this provides the most although not for long because ever government passes new rules to make it almost impossible to burn. senator abominated clear that is what he would do if he was elected to reach the can bill the coal-fired plant but we will baker of them because they will be charged for that greenhouse guest. john: that is what has happened epa rules make a new plan nearly impossible and a shot down existing plants we that is a good thing burning this does produce more than one-third
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of greenhouse gas and natural gas emits much less the nuclear power gives off no carbon dioxide so why not? from the kentucky coal association says that is a terrible idea. >> because we have the coal in the ground it is plentiful, with the best reserves but we have a president in washington who makes us go overseas and to the previous guest europe moves toward its goal because it is a great deal emerging market force. john: it will take the earth with greenhouse gases and global warming. >> we hear that the law even with climate change discussion and aside with the fact other countries are moving too cold rapidly that will produce so much more
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carr been whatever we do here is nullified overseas and the president does not calculate that with his decisions. john: even if it is hysteria it pollutes the air more than natural gas or wind or solar power. if we discourage it it seems like it is amazing to you do >> we do have clean air we're burning more coal using more electricity at a time when the air is at the scene this has ever been. what is frustrating is we get zero credit for the progress we have made. john: you have found amazing ways to clean it. >> we have these laboratory based technologies that don't exist in the real world devil have negligible effects on the environment but knocked us out of a the
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marketplace which is what concerns us as a nationwide industry. john: most members of congress have been critical of the president's regulations stemming case is taking is thought of the neck of the energy producers john: they cannot win the spinet they are the minority. a strong voice for call senator manchin but look that they tend to die on harry reid dusk or this is the lowe's powerful man on the planet has targeted their industry about coal production in this term is far more targeted and we're seeing a real loss of the market to put people lot of work. john: also the sierra club said outdated ambac word dirty technology.
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>> that is what the anti- coal activists say. your previous guest talks about the importance of renewable energy but for every gigawatt to you in the fossil fuel to back it up because when the open-ended does not flow you need reliable electricity. john: he is so obvious as talk to somebody who gets dirty. what has happened where you live? to the people of losing jobs , the cars, homes, west virginia is taking a beating john: maybe it is good because of black lung diseases and people like you come to harm. >> the technology has come a long way ahead is think good side of our industry.
10:32 pm
>> colin theater listings and i knew this kentucky, of west virginia, i pay twice as much. >> it is the cheapest of fossil fuel we can produce it cheap isn't safe that we kick into is out call. john: we have natural gas symmetry you cannot give one company a monopoly. using the price will stay down? it will go up. john: they will do more. >> how many can you drill? will they be in everybody's backyard? john: i hope you and your friends keep your jobs. >> thank you for that. coal miners don't want
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handouts we want the jobs back. john: thank you. coming up the search for albacore continues -- al gore continues. john: i will jump into the hudson river wow, this hotel is amazing. oh no. who are you?
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3 feet. there are other problems i wanted to ask the former vice president i have the special green phone just for him but he does not call. he has not ever to my knowledge fielded questions from skeptical reporters there are so many claims in his movie for example, the world's best scientists are unanimous we must act on global warming. >> a 3,000 the scientist in the world from 113 countries have issued for unanimous reports saying we have got to deal with it. >> have those reports ever been unanimous? >> as a clip from a schaede documentary called "an inconsistent truth" with a sample of his appearance before congress. >> you must have listened to our testimony with dozens of
10:39 pm
experts have given completely different views. >> people still believe the moon landing was staged on a movie lot. john: so we skeptics are into since but the freedom wusses played by phil valentine. john: when can they see your movie? >> john: read brothers you about the vice president is the hypocrisy? >> he lives the life of the king with 45 house is tenafly's a private jet and tells us to lower our footprint to save the planet john: looking at his electric bill? mimics still using 15 times of liturgies of household even after he green his
10:40 pm
house sitting got a certificate to say he did a wonderful job. john: before that he was using 20 times. she is a hypocrite. >> we still try to place president but then they went to his home. >> wondering if al gore could come out is the at his other house since mickey has no house. >> no houses? >> space of virginia? >> no san francisco? >> yes. kippur may be living in one of them but he has multiple houses. john: your movie has a section. >> told in virginia outside washington d.c., to properties in california,
10:41 pm
over san francisco bay and the ocean view in month to seato. then of course, there is a mansion in asheville and a humongous houseboat in tennessee he calls it biosolar1. john: a partner that backs the fiske your car company spirit by the way the car's name is is appropriate that it. john: but one final clip largely thanks to the bride to said industry analyst they are talking about clinics it it it you believe in global warming? >> yes.
10:42 pm
>> why? train wreck i ask the hardest question. humans? to read what? >> everything we do. john: come on you picked the silliest examples. >> this is what we've got to. of their relief in global warming aden's shallow soup echidnas said coolth saying to do briefly to know why the police if of they believe if will understand the wrist no consensus estimate for the best car with the intergovernmental panel. the 3,000 concluded that 95 percent chance that men
10:43 pm
is causing that. >> was not unanimous been a pair were thousands of scientist involved sooner if there were reviewers since we have them. you have to learn to stand is a cherry pit what they fade to suppress a and a. there is money because if you want a government grant you just get it if it is global warming go government will fund anything if the sun is doing this which is predominant. john: if they say they don't know they will not fund that >> no. they have sure in to carbon dioxide is harmless. john: they call that a pollutants. but we exhale is not a pollutant so the short end
10:44 pm
it to carden like the lump of coal people think it is awful and sinister innuendo dirty so he has conjoining to smog with carbon dioxide. there is no carbon dioxide in smog. john: it is what poignance need for food it is symbiotic and a good thing. john: if you are watching, the al gore, give us a call. the moral case for fossil fuels.
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i am also a meyer the whale
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industry because it is the only industry that creates cheap and plentiful energy in a global scale they allow us to be comfortable in the studio when it is freezing outside or to have clean water and it is amazing. >> sometimes wearing said t-shirt on college campuses? >> do people say what is wrong with you? >> i supposedly went to all the best schools in college i did not appreciate the value of the energies you could appreciate fossil fuels. want people to be attracted. john: pour people have better lives because of what america hates. >> they have better environments because fossil fuels destroy the planet but we leave -- live on the
10:50 pm
cleanest in safest planet but we're 50 times safer than one year ago because we helped the technology by fossil fuels. >> we burn more in the air is cleaner. >> what is the alternative? >> but if you look at deals are additive that existed in reality we would berndt wood and coal inside now is nothing against wind speed their bet with the renewable initiatives in europe there leading source because of the mandates it goes back to barbarism of. >> europe was caught in the
10:51 pm
frenzy but the british government paid for this commercial. >> the weather was very strange also in some parts there were terrible storms and some could disappear under the sea. the children have to live with horrible consequences the grown-ups realized they had to do something. john: believes you to the government web site to reduce your footprint. >> we are talking about it effuse less energy it is noble? you may miss use energy but more is better to be productive. it should never be an ideal but they make the climb to more dangerous, this story is the exact opposite. the fossil fuel industry is not taking a safe climate to
10:52 pm
make it dangerous but anybody who walks outside should live in harmony with nature. >> my personal battles with pollution
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john: i am such a good citizen riding a bike to work to save the earth. >> what a dope. the heiress, notice but somehow even though i know better i get a smug satisfaction and to read my break it is hard to see the interior picture on the of what excited of the debate. i heard were reading scientists were trapped in ice. >> a passenger ship has been trapped in ice in in antarctica is to make the original chinese rescue vessel is now stocked as well stick with the fact there was more a vice.
10:57 pm
>> gold lowe's some suggested it did. >> this jury did in one school vote but the models are not very good day have turned out to be wrong and even if the models were accurate they want us to ride a bike, a pay more for the label pay much more for cars and electricity. it does not make a difference the earth will not care. even if we do all of it there is will not notice.
10:58 pm
china build a new coal plant every week it will be years before we know if it is a threat possibly by the end of we have not crushed our economy with stupid regulations we will do something about to it. what we're doing now are pointless. this is a government funded advertisement. >> act on climate change. >> these will allow not make any difference. retirement to live chivas we don't care about the errors buys a chill out. week above nature of that hate the tyranny of the rule but we do need some rules. when i was a kid the air was filled the.ut scrubbers in to
10:59 pm
>> today the rivers are clean enough you can swim in been the distance of the empire state building with millions of people flushing. i am willing to do this. john: sometimes there are dead bodies but the water is clean enough. three cheers for anti-a pollution regulation but enviro confuse people by comparing the darr very different. carbon dioxide may not turn up at all. the world has real problems malaria, poverty we're deep in debt and fewer jobs are created because we have too many rules we don't need micromanagement we need
11:00 pm
less. chill out then three people will create a better chill out. see you next week. news where more news is always on the way. imhe's chris wallace. president obama gives his state of the union address tuesday hoping to jump-start his second term. i want to work with congress whenever and wherever i can, but the one thing i'm emphasizing to all my cabinet members is we're not going to wait. we'll discuss the president's agenda, obamacare and more with white house senior advisor dan pfeiffer. then republicans set their sights on retaking the senate this november hoping to overcome the in-fighting that's plagued their party. >> we don't. need more class warfare and we don't need more interference from washington. >> w


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